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Evaly Shuts Down Their Business Scamming Almost Everyone

Evaly, an e-commerce firm, is losing several merchants. These businesses have been sending out text messages to their customers informing them that they will no longer be delivering products purchased with Evaly vouchers. Because Evaly isn’t providing them with the product’s pricing.

The Multi-Level Marketing industry has been ruined by charges of fraud and corruption. It has attracted customers with questionable schemes, including offers of up to 300 percent cash back on purchases. Companies including clothing brand Gentle Park, Trends, Artisan have informed their customers not to supply products in Evaly vouchers. Suppliers, meanwhile, are coming to Evaly’s office to collect their money. Customers who have not received their products and money back have also begun to gather outside Evaly’s Dhanmondi office.

Evaly’s Dhanmondi branch is off for several days now. Mohammad Rassel, the organization’s founder, appears to have vanished as well. Customers have also reported that dialing the helpline gave no answers.

Furthermore, 14 e-commerce businesses, including Evaly, held for investigation by the police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID). CID is compiling a database of numerous organizations’ data.

A local vendor said that the office was closed three days before the lockdown was announced. Whereas, the security staff at the facility says that the Evaly office has been closed since June 26 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is Evaly Upto?

Employees were working from home in line with government health rules because of the pandemic, according to a notification posted on the company’s Facebook page and at its Dhanmondi office. As a result, the office would deliver in-person services.

Huda, Nazmul. He informed that between February and April, he purchased items costing about Tk 5 lakh, including air conditioners, motorbikes, and electric fans. The delivery deadline has passed, yet not a single product has arrived. After 45 working days, Nazmul Huda returned to Evaly’s office for the sixth time. He said that he had previously spent thousands of taka on Evaly’s customer service. He hasn’t been able to come up with a solution.

Change In Bangladesh Law

The Ministry of Commerce, on the other hand, issued new laws at the beginning of July to prevent any scams or other corrupt practices. E-commerce platforms must now deliver orders within 48 hours of receiving them. Also, advance payments are now limited to 10% of the product’s price.

Evaly has assets of Tk 916.9 million and liabilities worth Tk 4.06 billion as of March 14th. Evaly owes consumers Tk 2.13 billion and merchants Tk 1.79 billion of this.

Found Of Evaly – Mohammad Russel

Last night, Evali’s managing director, Mohammad Russell, told Prothom Alo, “Our office is not closed.” From 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., the call center is open. A product distribution network is in place as well. Due to the corona, however, a portion of the team is working from home.’ And everything is continuing as usual.

What will happen to all the customers now? What about their savings to buy their dream product? If they are planning to stay here for the long run then why not respond to their customers as well.

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