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Evaly Wants Video Of People Destroying Checks For Refunds

The platform for internet retail Evaly requested that consumers rip the refund cheques it had sent them for failing to deliver products. After advance payments and send it a video of the cheques shredded into bits. Those who do so, according to reports, would have their money refunded to their bank accounts.

These individuals who were unable to pay their checks to communicate using social media platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. Many of them circulated audio clips of their phone talks with Evaly executives. In which they were to tear off the checks. 

Evaly CEO – Mohammad Rassel

Customers were asked to transmit the video recordings, according to Evaly Managing Director and CEO Mohammad Rassel, who is also supposedly a member of such a Telegram group. Many consumers in the social media groups claimed that they ordered motorcycles in January based on Evaly’s discounts. But that instead of receiving their items, the company issued cheques from multiple banks. Including The City Banks and Midland Bank, months later with advance dates.

Customers From The Past

Evaly representatives called clients last month to advise them not to send the checks to banks. Those who did either told that the checks bounced or that the account holder had sought a stop payment order against them. Cheques bounce or get refuse when there is insufficient cash in the account to cover the payment or when the account holder’s signatures do not match. By providing the check numbers to the banks and instructing them not to distribute the funds. The account holder can issue a stop payment order against cheques they have issued.

Evaly employees have been making phone calls since Monday, warning that clients who do not transmit video proof of torn checks to specific WhatsApp numbers may experience difficulties getting their money back.

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