Evaly’s MD Offended By Abusive Language, Resignation On The Verge

Mahbub Kabir Milon, the Managing Director of the e-commerce company Evaly, gets sick after hearing abusive language in the office every day. Milon wishes to resign from his position at the organization in such a situation. On Thursday at 12:24 p.m., Evaly’s MD updated his Facebook status with this information.

Customers and businesses have already expressed their displeasure with Evaly’s car auction notice. In protest over the advertisement for the sale of Evaly’s car at auction, they also asked the chairman and MD of the High Court-appointed Evaly to resign. A guy on social media insulted the chairman and MD in the comment section of the post. After seeing insults after insults continuously, Mahbub Kabir Milon gave this Facebook status out of frustration.

In the comment section, the random guy wrote, “The only managing director will decide whether the company will run or go bankrupt.” That is stated explicitly in the Honorable High Court Division’s order. Under no circumstances will the CEO decide to put millions of people on the road without first determining whether or not the company has a chance to succeed.

Evaly’s MD Milon To The Rescue

He didn’t even drink a cup of tea with the money from the corporation. Milon is driving his own car, driving an oil for no pay, and coming in Evaly’s office with that. He does this for the benefit of other people till he can get out of there and after all these sacrificing people are still being abusive to him on social media. Milon mentioned this in his Facebook post.

Milon also mentioned that he wants people to continue to abuse him in order for him to flee as quickly as possible. He was in charge of a number of things. He was the only one who swept this office. For the past 20/25 days, he’s been working alone. There was no such thing as a second. For the past two months, he has gone home and worked till 12 a.m. A lot of stuff was organized by him. When he hears or witness abusive language, it makes him sick. He doesn’t have any other option except to give up.

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