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Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform. They are planning to sue Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL), which owns the name “” “A Bangladeshi firm, A1 Software Limited, had registered a local domain named Later, put it up for sale for USD 6 million,” claimed Facebook-appointed Supreme Court counsel Barrister Moksadul Islam.

“We first spotted this site a few years ago, and we’ve issued them several legal letters to shut it down since then,” the lawyer added.

How Is Facebook Going To Sue If They Had Bought The Domain First?

“BTCL owns all domains ending in ‘.bd.’ I’m not sure what prompted BTCL to proceed with this. It is given that the term Facebook cannot be lawfully used anyplace else “Barrister Moksadul Islam also gave his two cents. In general, BTCL owns “.bd” domains, and in order to register a “.bd” domain. An entity must demonstrate its legal existence by submitting papers such as utility bills.

According to Barrister Moksadul, “We are immediately preparing to file the case. We will want a ban on the website’s functioning as well as USD 50,000 in damages.”

According To Law

According to the lawyer, Facebook is the most extensively use social networking platform in the world, and no one can open the same domain name again. Following a hearing, Dhaka District and Sessions Judge Showkat Ali Chowdhury granted an ad-interim injunction on the matter. Facebook, on the other hand, sent several legal notices to the firm to discontinue using the domain, but the company did not react.

“Back in 2008, Facebook was not that popular in Bangladesh. Probably that’s the reason why this mishap might have happened”

Dr Rafiqul

At the time of publishing this article, Facebook’s locally designated agency was unavailable for comment.

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