Fahmida’s Closet – Leading South Asian Wardrobe Collection In The United States

Fahmida’s Closet is based on authentic sarees and Pakistani suits with core focus of establishing an online store to market the existence of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani wardrobe in the United States, is located in the United States of America and owned by Fahmida Hiasmin. Fahmida Hiasmin is from Madhabpur, Sylhet in Bangladesh now living in White Marsh, Maryland in the United States of America.

Who is Fahmida Hiasmin?

Fahmida Hiasmin is from Sylhet, Bangladesh now living in the United States is a mother of two and a responsible wife. Starting her journey and establishing her brand in the United States of America was tough but the results turned out to be wonderful, Fahmida’s Closet is well-known amongst the Asian community in the United States of America.

The struggle in life is not known to many but we appreciate the existence of such business in continent where it solely focuses on the branding of handloom sarees from the 3rd world countries like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

In the earlier days, Fahmida Hiasmin started off with handloom sarees later she escaped the fad to bring in wider wardrobe collection to her Fahmida’s Closet, to this very day her business is renown in the United States Of America and bringing in the trendy collection for every South East Asian living in USA.

Her success paid off, as for bringing in affordable and gorgeous collection to her Fahmida’s Closet. Fahmida’s collection consist of mostly everything South East Asians handloom for fashion, the foreigners sometimes fancy the South East Asian clothing sense which is rare to find in continents like South America, North America, Canada and Europe but since Fahmida already created a niche in the United States of America, it is now easier to find South Asian clothings in the neighborhood of USA and many other countries. Unlike any other business, Fahmida is committed to her quality, collection and pricing.

About Fahmida’s Closet

Fahmida’s Closet is an online based store where you will find latest Pakistani suits and handloom sarees from Bangladesh and India. Their goal is to provide you authentic products with affordable price while you are away from home.

Fahmida’s Closet is one of a kind online based store in Maryland, USA. Since we know the drill and success behind such an amazing initiative to exist in a continent where it is tough to find handloom wardrobe we really appreciate Fahmida’s Closet for existing.

Fahmida’s Closet provides free delivery across USA and they have worldwide shipping available incase if you fancy their collection. Best quality is guaranteed by them and they accept secure payments via PayPal.

If you are from United States of America or any other country neighboring USA, then you know where you are most likely to find the wardrobe collection you desire. Why wait? Head over to Fahmida’s Closet today and grab your shopping cart.

Here’s Fahmida Hiasmin’s quote for Fahmida’s Closet:

Hello all, we are a store for Indian Ethnic Wear, Dresses, and Kurtis Outfits in different style, colors and sizes and many more. Nobody will be upset with our price guaranteed lowest in the entire Area because we have our own production plant in India. We are committed to designing elegant, luxurious, embellished attire for women. Our designs are influenced by diverse upbringing and cultural surroundings. Our styles reflect and the refined the sense of design is evident in every garment designed those garments are elegant yet simple, with hand embroidery and luxurious embellishments from the east. Your visit is our business strength. Come on in and take a look around! Our helpful staff will be happy to assist you. It’s the perfect place to find the “unexpected. For more details kindly contact us.

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