Jamuna Group Officially Announces Not To Invest In Evaly

The Jamuna Group has reversed its decision to invest in the Evaly e-commerce platform. According to the company’s director of marketing, sales, and operations. Mohammad Alamgir Alam sent an ’emergency public announcement’ on his Facebook page announcing their withdrawal from Evaly and Mohammad Rassel.

He revealed the details in a Facebook update on Monday morning (September 6). However, he eventually, delete the post. He repeated the same thing with a new post on Tuesday (September 6) at noon.

Reason Behind Withdrawal From Evaly

In a Facebook post, he stated that the Jamuna Group prioritizes productive and constructive business policies in its operations. Which has resulted in the long-term employment and livelihood of millions of people. As well as the huge expansion of the country’s industrial infrastructure.

The Jamuna Group has made a wise decision to invest hundreds of crores of taka in any company area without any guarantee of long-term commercial success in a well-thought-out strategy or without a complete evaluation and reconsideration before making any final investment. The choice to invest Jamuna Group’s money in another firm, as well as the authority and rights that come with it, is solely a matter of Jamuna Group’s discretion and are not subject to any requests.’

He stated that the Jamuna Group would not be held liable for the internal affairs of other businesses, adding that the Jamuna Group has never been held liable for the internal affairs of any other business in the past or in the future. The information run to made public.

Current State Of Mohammad Rassel

Mohammad Rassel Crying

Meanwhile, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has written to a number of government institutions, demanding documents about Evaly. As part of an ongoing investigation into charges of theft against the e-commerce firm, a Dhaka court also prohibited Mohammad Rassel, the managing director of Evaly, and his wife Shamima Nasrin, the company’s chairman, from traveling abroad.

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