Man Who Got His Bitcoins Robbed, Hunted Them Down And Sued Them

There’s no greater justice than finding someone who stole your Bitcoins. Yes, those kinds of Bitcoins and then stole them without any repercussions. After 3 years of trying to track them down, Andrew Schober found the guys who stole his crypto via a fake app. He is now suing them and their parents for thievery.

A Man Getting His Money/Bitcoins Back

Andrew from Colorado held a little over 16 Bitcoins, investing most of his life savings as 95% of his earnings came from cryptocurrencies. Then one day, he downloaded a crypto wallet app called “Electrum Atom”. After finishing the download and putting the crypto on the wallet, he lost access and his cryptos entirely. At Jan 2018, around that time, they were worth over 200,000 USD. Of which now, they’ll be worth 750,000 USD.

Wallet app, fake one based on this. Helds Bitcoins

Shocked and disturbed by such a downturn, Andrew hasn’t eaten and slept properly for a long time, dealing with such grief. He later spent the 10,000 he had on a private investigator to track down the perpetrators. The perpetrators, are college students from the UK, studying computer science, made the app to trick people into giving them cryptos. Instead of making a legit wallet. The wallet worked by swapping address from the clients to the app maker’s personal ones.

During the time of crime, they were minors who’ve easily found a way to lie and exploit people into launching a fake app. Before distributing the links to them via Reddit. Several people, including Schober suffered a great deal of loss. After gathering evidence and getting digital footprints of their actions, he is filing a lawsuit in Colorado court against both the families of the boys from UK.

They are asking the court to drop the case based on legit grounds of him missing the timeline to file for legal action. More of the story is developing as, but chances of him winning are pretty slim. Since tracking Bitcoin is pretty difficult, unlike money from banks.

Written by Excalibruh

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