Onlyfans Will No Longer Allow Pornographic Content

Onlyfans is where, a lot of people, mostly women, feels at ease exposing themselves to their wide audiences. Giving the horny viewers something to work through their systems. Onlyfans didn’t even draw the rule at pornography, as there’s so many explicit contents out there. It is where Onlyfans is make their biggest earnings from, until now that is. Remember Tumblr? They’re a dinosaur now. By October, they will be no longer accepting porn content.

Onlyfans success mostly came from the pandemic’s surge of porn stars or sex workers whom couldn’t find work, locked out of the industry due to safety concerns. Onlyfans has been running since 2016, allowing access to content creator’s exclusive stuff for just a monthly fee. Big stars like Bella Thorne have broken a record by earning 1 million USD within 24hrs. A record subsequently broken by Bhad Bhabie by earning the same amount in 6hrs. Yet, despite the success Onlyfans have garnered, it’s been going through quite a lot of backlash as of late.

Bobs And Vagene Not Allowed

Of course, ah Onlyfans is also used by other safe, consumable content like musicians sharing photos and videos of their work to subscribers. Included also are chefs, and fitness instructors, among others. So it’s understandable that with these many kinds of people coming in, mixed in with adult content, it’s been difficult to allow Onlyfans to functional without the scrutiny.

Onlyfans, and some crypto thing

The other reasons, specified by Onlyfans is that they were getting peer pressure from payment systems like banks and other similar establishments. But it was never specified, what would be acceptable and what was restricted. Some providers of these questionable content creators couldn’t tell whether being topless was an offense, or that’s how far the bar goes. Most of them even paid their college tuition with the money they’ve earned from there.

Of course, am sure there are other replacements out there like Manyvids, Clipteez, and maybe best not to continue referencing. Good luck finding them on your own. The porn web is vast and there’s enough of them go around for. There’s even one that’s more similarly named, that is rising to the occasion; JustForFans. Of course, none of them ARE Onlyfans. As the site in particular was the one place that managed to function much different from all of them and was quintessential in its service.

Written by Excalibruh

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