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Shawpno Warns Their Customer About Their 15th Anniversary Scam

Authorities from the retail business chain Shawpno claim that on the occasion of the brand’s 15th anniversary, an unethical party sent false links with various offers to the inboxes of thousands of accounts on the social media platform Facebook after duplicating the Shwapno logo.

There is no ‘Shwapno 15th Anniversary!’ free shopping offer or gift card campaign. The reputation of Bangladesh’s largest superstore chain, “Shwapna,” has been damaged by an unethical loop of bogus shopping offers/coupons sent online and on social media.

‘Shwapna’ has no connection with such fake offers, and valued clients are advised not to participate in the offers or click on the link at their own risk.

Shawpno Choses To Arrouse Their Customers?

“Anonymous Facebook user says he was offered an iPhone 12 Pro Max when he entered the link, others say when they entered the link they were expecting Free groceries but rather encountered a lot of explicit pictures”   

Are They Taking Any Action?

Meanwhile, the fraudsters have been charged with cheating and a case has been filed with the Tejgaon Shilpanchal Police Station. According to the press statement, police have already started legal action against criminals.

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