Top 5 Scammers Of Bangladesh

5. Bhai Brothers to Asif Bin Azad

Asif Bin Azad

Year: 2020

Context: We all know about the most controversial interview show of 2016/2017. Before that the YouTube channel was originally named as Bhai Brothers. But on the blink of an eye, everything changed! Bhai Brother had no existence. Everything changed and renamed into Asif Bin Azad only. However, he is broke but happy!

4. Takeout 2.0

Takeout 2.0

Year: 2019

Context: The best renowned burger shop of all time was Takeout. Now here comes the interesting scam. Takeout 2.0. This burger shop claimed that they are Takeout’s second venture. Choto bhai made a video about it and the beef between them went viral to such extinct that Takeout filed a complaint against them.

3. Starbucks Bangladesh

Starbucks Bangldesh

Year: 2016

Context: Starbucks is the most renowned coffee shop around the globe. The hoax about them coming to Bangladesh went viral in 2016. People went on crazy about this. So crazy that the scammer asked people to put this on their story and tag 10 people in order to get a free drink. People were so dumb that they followed this and made it more viral

2. Al Baik International

Al Baik International

Year: 2020

Context: Al Baik International is a very recent scam, like the scammers almost put out an outlet using the name but before things went super crazy the original Al Baik sent out a legal notice to stop such act or else the issue will be escalated to higher authority, the rest story is now unknown to public. Maybe the scammer is running freely, who knows?


Year: 2018

Context: was founded in 2018 however it went viral in 2020 and everybody got to know about their motive. The main mastermind behind the business is really smart and knows how to do business. On a recent report by Bangladesh Bank. In the report it is mentioned that they have assets of 65.17 crore BDT. However, there liabilities are of 403.80 crore BDT. There is no trace of 338.62 crore BDT. Coincidence? I think not!

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