5 Signs That You Are Porimoni

We have come across all the incidents that are going on with Pori Moni. But what surprises us most is how much we can relate to her activities. You might not notice but we are here to help you to ship with our Bangladesh pride, Porimoni. So here are 5 signs that you are Porimoni:

1. Everyone Misbehaves With You Like Porimoni

Do you also have people misbehaving with you? Say no more, you are officially Pori Moni. From government officers knocking on your door with no authentication to breaking up at your house. When you ask for verification about their identity everyone refuses to answer and instead misbehaves with you making you scared. If you find this happening in your life and find it relatable, you are Porimoni, my friend.

2. No One Helps You Like No One Does To Porimoni

Seeking help yet no one comes? Asking your Facebook friends to come to help you when you need them the most? Yet, they keep listening and say “DEKHI”? Then come to a realization that your Facebook friends are just Facebook friends but not real-life friends? Yes, you are not alone. Porimoni is here with you.

3. No One Picks Up Your Call When It’s Urgent

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Did you think you have a lot of friends who are just one call away and realized it was all fake? You thought you were powerful with a lot of links in the upper world but turns out that you are just a boy/girl who is just helpless and no one comes when you are in need? Well, you should hug Porimoni now cause if she was out from jail now she probably would say “same” and hug you.

4. No One Knocks Your Door To Enter Your Room

Finally when you thought you have grown up and people around you will give you some privacy but yet are left with no privacy every time. Every year you think you have grown up and thought maybe this time you will get some privacy. Later turns out not true and you find yourself delusional? Well, name yourself Pori Moni now cause you are Pori Moni.

5. Homies backstab You When You Are down

Oh well, you are at your worst, and seems like your homies are just tryna put it inside to get you lower? Did your thought your secrets were safe with your friend but later on find out he/she already has confessed your secrets to your girlfriend? Pori Moni would’ve married you at this point if you can relate to these 5 signs of Porimoni.

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Written by Vibwritor

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