Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Are Official Now

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have known each other since the shooting of Gigli, which was ahhh…. I mean, he later made Daredevil and met his wife from there. Early 2000s is Bad Affleck streak. Over a decade later, however, soon after the tabloids caught wind of his divorce with Jennifer Garner in 2018, Ben has been pretty down on his luck.

3 years later, a new power couple is hitting up the red carpet. That’s right, it’s BenLo, we’re going coin that term if you don’t mind. Ok, maybe not, it sounds like your pharmaceutical store by the street. But Ben Affleck has allowed his post-marriage phase to affect his position in Hollywood for the last few years. So it seems, with this new rekindled spark, he might bring us more good movies later on. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lopez is running a huge Instagram following.

Gigli 2?

Jennifer Lopez, despite not having the Oscar chops like her other half now does, has had a lot of success over the years. This is due to the actor’s on-screen personality, raking in large box office numbers and her successful music career, topping billboard charts. Most of her music influences come from Latin roots and R&B. Her hit single, On The Floor Ft. Pitball has 1.7b views on YouTube alone.

Ben Affleck already won an Oscar with Matt Damon for Good Will Hunting. But the guy goes through a bad case of “good talent, terrible roles” phase in the early 2000s that it took him till 2006 to recover. His first directorial debut was with “Gone Baby Gone”, which got Oscar nods. Ben Affleck from that point has made a lot of good calls when it came to movie roles, he finally got his second Oscar from “Argo”. But after Trump was seated president, dude just became a complete train wreck. Thus, in-between ending his marriage with Jennifer Garner. And, his caped crusader role for Batman becoming a dud.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, sharing a kiss
JenLo and Affleck, kissing

After Lopez’s split from Alex Rodriguez, the couple reunited and finally set the social media butterfly ablaze. Old romance come in new form. Just putting it this way, Lopez is 4 years older than Affleck. With the former just turning 52 years old now. Her birthday is on July 24th.

The two couples seem to be a lot happy now. Based on what is seen from recent media coverages. JenLo has stated in Apple Music 1 that she is having the best time of her life. Bennifer 2.0 is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Written by Excalibruh


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