Brendan Fraser Is Finally Coming Back To Hollywood

Nah, this ain’t no slander or hit piece, this is a feel-good story. Brendan Fraser, who’ve had a tough time being in Hollywood, especially after calling out a Hollywood elite in 2003 for sexual assault. And dealing with the collapse of his marriage. He went from being a laughingstock, with memes galore, to dealing with so many personal tragedies. Then to finally being a full on redemption story.

The entire internet is now supporting him on his return to form. Full on track for being one of the A-list Hollywood actors. Especially with the recent news that he will co-star with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s new film. And has been filled for a lead role in David Aronofsky’s upcoming film.

Encino Man No More

Brendan Fraser’s recent notable projects have been the DC Comics based Doom Patrol TV series. Where he played Cliff Steele/Robotman. This role has garnered him recognition for having the talent and experience. Famous auteurs are recognizing him, and now want him on their films. His other projects that have already gotten past shooting and production, is Steven Soderbergh’s No Sudden Move. Which is out now in HBO Max.

Brendan Fraser

There was a time he took a lot of roles that were considered flops, both critically and commercially. Since 2003, he hasn’t had it easy after the accusation he threw against Philip Berk. Former president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Fraser stated he was groped in 2003, and it has had an effect on his mental health. He hasn’t starred in many films since 2008.

At that time, he was going through a brutal divorce as well. Of which he was forced to pay 900’00 USD for alimony a year. Afton Smith, his then wife and mother to 3 of his sons. Had the short stick at the court case, where his ex-wife received most of the financial support. He later declared bankruptcy in 2013.

Recently, a video of TikTok shows Brendan Fraser tearing up after hearing how much of the internet is fully supporting his rise to fame. With a lot of high-profile films that are coming up. We’re all rooting for ya, Brendan.

Written by Excalibruh

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