Britney Spears Denied From Release Of Her Conservatorship

Documentations that were submitted to court a month, asking to shut down Britney Spear’s conservatorship from her father, was shut down. Despite the pleading requests from her personal lawyers and herself, it was denied. Though the judge did not rule out future petitions.

Father’s Will Be Done

Britney Spear gave a 24-minute testimony to the court that her conservatorship with her father has been agonizingly difficult for her. Stating that he was in too much control, restricted a lot of free will, came between her and her children, pushed to stressful points for her job, and forced her to take prescribed drugs she didn’t approve her.

She has made new submissions, this was after with Bessemer Trust to be approved as co-conservator. Which was later appointed before Bessemir resigned to stay out of the controversy. The group will help oversee Britney while helping her deal with the current turmoil. Though where this case goes in the future is another thing we have to see.

Britney claims that her father was abusive, her family subjected to her to cruelty and that in some degree, they should be held accountable. Including her earlier conservators.

Britney Spear first entered Conservatorship in 2008, due to major concerns about her mental health. She shaved off her hair, then proceeded to make flamboyant public acts which later affected her image. Of course, a long time has passed since then, but based on what we heard, the conservatorship held her in an iron grip.

The court has some substantial reasons, being that seeing her current condition and hearing the plea, it wasn’t brought forth in the manner they wanted to hear. Britney has expressed an urgency to finally end her conservatorship. Citing that it is too much for her mentally deal with anymore.

Will she get out of it pretty soon? Not sure, experts say that it’s a split chance. Since Britney did not present a compelling argument to begin with. And no proof at all, that she is a functional human being, who can be lucid as well as make rational decisions too. It’s a real sticky situation, only time will tell.

Written by Excalibruh

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