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Choto Azad Is Officially Married

Asif Bin Azad, also known as Choto Azad, is a Bangladeshi YouTuber and social media figure renowned for his comedic, prank, and interview videos. BhaiBrothers LTD was the name of his YouTube channel, which has over 550k followers and 50 million total views. However, on October 29, our favorite Choto Azad married, making him no longer single but married.

In 2014, Asif Bin Azad began his YouTube career, however, he was not popular enough. In 2015-16, he became well-known around the country for his films; all of his videos were hugely popular, and he is also a prankster. He’s worked at Bongo BD and Bongo Boom, among other places. In addition, he has a YouTube channel called “Azad” with over 30k subscribers. He has left his employment and his YouTube accounts due to personal concerns. As a result, he is only visible on Instagram stories and podcasts of his own, discussing his lessons about life.

He frequently discussed his love life and how toxic it was in these podcasts. Azad used podcasts to tell his narrative of how he overcome his bad love life and job life. He admitted to being too young to grasp office politics and love. But, in the end, he found the meaning of peace. Choto Azad also stated that he has found the one, referring to his partner, who is wonderful for him.

Choto Azad Is A Surprise

The Choto Couple also used to do podcasts together. Discussing their life to the audience but never was Asif Bin Azad’s girlfriend’s face shown anywhere on his Instagram or Facebook. So she was always a mystery to everyone.

The Choto Azad’s were married on October 29th. No one realized how serious this was, therefore Choto Azad is also a surprise. For their followers, it was a low-key wedding, since they learned about it via a post-Asif Bin Azad posted on November 2nd.

May the years ahead be filled with love and joy Choto Azad

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