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Chris Brown is being sued for $1.5 million for using a sample of Red Rat’s popular song.

After allegedly violating the copyright of Tight Up Skirt, a song released in 1997 by veteran Dancehall musician Red Rat. Chris Brown is being sued for US$1.5 million. A vocal clip of Red Rat’s famous song was used in the 2017 mega-hit Privacy by the popular American artist.

Another week, another high-profile copyright violation case in the United States over a hit song.

Brown is accused of copying a 1997 dancehall single called Tight Up Skirt. According to Greensleeves Publishing Ltd, a UK-based music publishing firm with a US headquarters in New York.

In addition, The publishing business says in court documents received by the source that it “owns and manages exclusive music publication rights in the United States” for Red Rat’s song. Even so, they further claim that Chris “took the record’s primary musical element” and “it was widely used” on “Privacy” without authorization.

“Hey you girl inna di tight upskirt,” Red Rat says in the song.

“Hey you girl without a tight upskirt,” Chris Brown says in his song and this is where he got loopholed.

What Will They Do With Chris Brown?

Greensleeves Publishing is seeking more than $500,000 in damages. As well as more than $1 million in compensation for “the benefits, profits, and advantages [Brown and SME]. They have gained as a result of their acts of plagiarism.” In addition, the firm is seeking a lawsuit preventing Chris Brown, his company, and Sony Music.

“A provisional and permanent emergency order restricting defendants. Including all persons acting in concert with defendants from manufacturing, reproducing, distributing, adapting. displaying, advertising, promoting, selling, or performing any materials that are substantially similar to the copyrighted work,” the company claims.

Are These Even Viable?

Nevertheless, This is the second major lawsuit filed in recent years by dancehall and reggae business participants against a US music artist. In March 2019, deejay Flourgon sued American music singer Miley Cyrus for $300 million.

Meanwhile, according to a TMZ report from yesterday. Chris Brown was sued by his former housekeeper, who claimed that she was bitten by his dog named Hades.

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