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Imran Khan Straight Up Copied DJ Khaled For His New Album

Imran Khan, the singer, is well-known in Pakistan for his new-age blend of Punjabi folk and hip-hop music. In 2009, he became a YouTube hit when he published the track “Amplifier,” which earned 2 million views in its first week. ‘Bewafa,’ his second single, was also released in 2009 was also a mega-hit. But why would someone who already has enough fame copy DJ Khaled?

Yes, you read that right. Someone capable like Imran Khan has straight-up copied DJ Khaled for his new album. Imran Khan’s new album “They Don’t Like It” which is also the name of the song has 6,740,876 views in just a week. But the sad part is this is a total ripoff of DJ Khaled’s style. Starting from the outfit to lyrics, cinematography, and whatnot.

This song is largely about dancing with modern females dressed in modern attire and caressing him while he sings. Like DJ Khaled, he’s showcasing his shiny new private plane and cars.

Imran Khan’s Origin Lost To DJ Khaled

Remember his old songs? Bewafa, Satisfya, and amplifier? Well, he is no longer the Imran Khan we used to know. Imran has lost the style of his songs that we all used to know him for. His lyrics and choreography with snakes moving around him are just histories now. Instead, he is following the new foreign trends where you just show off girls and cars for the views.

It is unknown why he chose to mask his origin. We all know, however, that Imran Khan is no DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled spent a lot of time studying Combs and trying to figure out how to make being “commercial” a personality trait. He is a presenter, not a performer. Networking is his superpower.

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