Jeff Bezos Embarrassed By His Girlfriend And DiCaprio’s Intimacy

The video has been seen by 16 million people throughout the world as of this writing. Embarrassed, Jeff Bezos DiCaprio’s Twitter message has retweeted several times. It is believed that the incident was able to respond appropriately. What is the content of the six-second video?

According to USA Today, the event occurred on Saturday at the Lakme Art-Film Gala in Los Angeles, California. Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, together with his fiancée, were also in present.

Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, is in the video talking with her eyes locked on the Titanic star as if she were a fan. He was standing close to Jeff Bezos. As if no one is keeping track of his existence! Whether it was ‘Kebab May Haddi’ or not, he removed his ashamed expression after a time.

Jeff Bezos’s Wife Is DiCaprio’s Wife

On Twitter, Jeff Bezos threatened Leonardo DiCaprio. “Leo, come on, let me show you something,” Jeff Bezos tweeted in response to the video on Monday. Jeff Bezos has a shirtless photo of himself below this caption. I don’t go less than anything – is that what he was getting at?

People also mocked Bezos’ fiancée after she shared images from the occasion on the photo-sharing platform Instagram. “An incredible event that will help critical museum programs, exhibitions, and programming for years to come,” remarked American news presenter Sanchez.

The comment section instantly flooded with reactions to the 51-year-interaction old’s with DiCaprio, ranging from funny to rude. One user responded, “We all witnessed the way you stared at Leo,” while another offered advice to the anchor on how to avoid infidelity.

Even in response to Bezos’ latest clever tweet condemning the Internet meme fest, a commenter suggested that the businessman have a chat with his girlfriend about public flirting with another person while she is with him, calling her behavior “over the top.”

“Mr. Bezos, I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for all you have done for I understand you’re taunting Leonardo DiCaprio, but you really need to talk to Lauren Sánchez about public flirting with another man while she’s with you. You may like it and approve of it, but her behaviors were a little out of the ordinary “a user said

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