John Cena Apologies For Accidentally Acknowledging Taiwan

It seems John Cena can be seen through now, with his veneer of plastic molded skin and chiseled chin. Problem of course is John boy over here, trying to promote his new movie, Fast and Furious 9, accidentally confirmed Taiwan as its own country.

China has a bear’s grip on Taiwan’s province. So much so that anybody who tells anyone that Taiwan is its own country gets the children of the corn army summoned, telling you to take it back. Chanting “Taiwan is China, apologize to our Chinese overlords”.

John Cena did pretty much that. And he is now busy making amends, by somewhat making an apology but not really? He kind of spun around it a bit with his Twitter video where he did apologize but never pointed what for. And he did it in Mandarin. Confusing mess, yet it wasn’t upto snuff for the Chinese overlords, as it isn’t what they wanted to hear.

A double negative situation

John Cena seems not only made the Chinese people upset. The people on the other camp as well as they are calling him a bootlicker for not standing up to “wretched” China. People on the other camp stand with solidarity that Taiwan itself is an independent country. While bringing Hong Kong into the argument.

While understandably this is a tricky situation to get out of, John Cena kind of shouldn’t have gotten himself in the pooper. Don’t you know, getting involved with anything to do with China these days screams “Box Office Revenue loss”? Why even mentioned Taiwan if you can’t stick with the narrative or what you really want to say?

Honestly here, as I speak for myself. Am not a fan of what China is doing in Hong Kong and how they treat Taiwan itself. The latter has had a long grueling history, seeking its independence right after WWII.

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Written by Excalibruh

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