Kevin Spacey Might Come Back To Hollywood

The person you’d really love to hate, is somehow crawling his way back into the silver screen. Somewhat, I guess, if you can call a movie by some Italian film director, a comeback these days. Kevin Spacey is no stranger to controversy, in fact he has pretty embraced it….in a creepy way somewhat.

Uncle Pedo Bear Coming Soon

Although that is not to say that the people involved are on the short-end of the stick. Oh no. Franco Nero is a pretty famous actor, helming the project with his wife Vanessa Redgrave. With Spacey, the new film would be dubbed “The Man Who Drew God”, though it had a cooler name in Italian. Spacey taking a supportive role.

This news, of course, didn’t strike the right cords with people. As backlash from social media came in plenty, so much so that his Vanessa distanced herself from the project a bit. If you don’t know, Spacey has been accused of multiple sexual misconducts and assault since 2017. Accusations have kept coming from that time onwards. Ranging from seducing a young boy, inappropriately touching people to, well, sexual assault. He was also kind of a jerk to work with on set.

At the midst of all the controversy, he came out as gay. Which didn’t bode with the gay community very well considering the message he wrote. Since then, he has been shunned away from Hollywood. Including a Ridley Scott film about an oil tycoon where he made a last minute change by replacing him with actor Christopher Plummer. With reshoots. Yeah, that’s how bad it got.

Kevin Spacey since then has made some ah…let’s say weird video segments, on YouTube during holidays trying to spook people up while shrugging the whole thing as some bad joke. Meaning, he still hasn’t taken proper accountability.

Does Kevin Spacey Deserve His Break

There are bigger problems out there like rich, pedophiles and sex traffickers. But yeah, an actor who was a sexual deviant of sorts still gets people rolling with the pitchforks and torches. It doesn’t matter how hard you try to put them down, they come back up. It’s just how the business works at times, sadly.

Hey, did you also know that Bill Cosby is getting released anytime soon? Yeah, he is getting out. So now we got two sex offenders coming back into the spotlight. Whoop-de-doo.

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