Kim Jong-un Lost Weight, People Are Worried

So ah, this is weird turn of events. For North Korea, of course. The dictator himself, Kim Jong Un has lost significant amount of weight. Enough to be certified ’emaciated’. This has people of Korea worried about his well-being (not everybody of course).

Heartbroken Leader

The Pyongang residence has expressed dismay over their leader’s current anatomical situation. While the interview he did on state television hasn’t revealed much about his health or body shape, the tone seemed pretty despondent.

An anonymous person told a reporter from KCTV, North Korea’s state TV channel, that “the people, including myself, were most heartbroken when we saw the respected General Secretary (Kim Jong-un’s official title) looking gaunt … everyone says it brought them to tears.”

Seems his greatness has lost pork chops to eat. He hasn’t made any public appearance for a long time till now. It’s been over a month. Compared to images from November 2020, his wrist is shown. Especially notable is how his Swiss watch is no longer fitting to his arm wrist.

Rest Of The World Just Moving On

Now, this needn’t be said, but nobody likes Kim Jong-un outside of his reigning territory. The dictator has done a litany of terrible things from war crimes, violation of human rights, imperialist regime, launching a freaking missile close to Japanese shore, and so on.

But this is worrisome for several reasons, one of them being that this could raise tensions in the dictator state. Most of his staff are already paranoid about seeing this as weakness and could see a pending assault from their enemies coming in the way. Anything else is further speculation, fueling the cloud of fear and restlessness from both sides.

For now, everybody is too busy with the pandemic, trying to make sure the world order is restored with little concern about starting a war with another country. However, North Korea can be a little unpredictable at times. It’s best to be very cautious and weary for world leaders out there.

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Written by Excalibruh


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