Messi’s Used Tissue During His Farewell Has Earned $1 Million

Lionel Messi’s tissue paper used to wipe his tears during his farewell news conference for former club Barcelona has been auctioned off for one million dollars in an unusual turn of events. Following the emotional press conference, a person got the used tissue and posted an ad online saying that the tissue would be available for buy at an inflated price.

How Did Someone Obtain The Million Dollar Tissue?

After the meeting, someone collected the valuable treasure, the used tissue. Later on, put an advertisement on one of the prominent websites offering to sell the tissue paper used by Messi for one million dollars. According to the individual, the tissue included Messi’s genetic DNA. That might be used to clone a football player similar to him.

Messi’s Tissue On His Farewell

During his farewell press conference, Messi stated that Barcelona is his life’s club. He has played for since he was 13 years old, and that he is very sad to leave the club he loves. He also stated that he did everything possible to stay, as did Laporta (Barcelona president). But that the La Liga rules on financial regulation prevented him from staying any longer.

Paris Saint-Germain, a French football club, announced that Messi had joined the squad as a new player. The 34-year-old Argentine’s deal is for two seasons, with the option of a one-year extension. The footballer will represent club number 30 until June 2024. PSG is willing to pay the attacker an annual salary of around € 35 million.

The paper napkin entered the annals of time. To protect the napkin, it was placed in a wooden photo frame. “Barcelona is more than simply a club!” stated Messi.

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