Nasir And Tamima Are Illegal Couples

Nasir Hossain, a well-known figure in Bangladesh cricket, was in sight. He was out of shape after a few months for his own reasons. He was just engaged in resolving personal marriage issues. However, we have learned of Nasir’s awful news. The marriage of cricketer Nasir Hossain and his wife Tamima Sultana Tammi is not legal, according to the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI).

PBI inspector Mizanur Rahman, the case’s investigating official, presented the report to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Mohammad Jasim on Thursday (September 30th).

According to the report, Tamima’s ex-husband Rakib Hasan’s divorce papers were falsified. Before marrying Nasir, Tamima did not divorce Rakib. As a result, Nasir and Tamima’s marriage is illegal.

Case Against Nasir And Tamima

On February 24, this year, Tamima’s ex-husband Rakib Hasan filed a lawsuit against the couples. They were accuse of hiding marriage information, marrying another, stealing another’s wife, cheating on marriage, adultery, and defamation, according to Section 494/496/496/500 of the Penal Code. The PBI order to investigate the case and produce a report by the court.

This Valentine’s Day, Nasir Hossain married his sweetheart Tamima Sultana. Rakib Hasan, Tamima’s ex-husband, filed a GD with the police before the marriage talks fell through.

In GD, Rakib claims that he and Tamima have been married for 11 years. They have a daughter, who is eight years old. The cricketer married Tamima despite the fact that he had not divorced him.

Before marrying Cricketer Nasir, Tamima had an affair with another man. After six months of marriage, he married her and returned.

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