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Neymar Jr Is Better Than Lionel Messi In The Upcoming Brazil-Argentina Final

The finalists for the Copa America 2021 have been announced. Argentina vs Brazil will take place for the continental title at Maracana Stadium. While Argentina hopes to end a 28-year drought, Brazil is aiming for back-to-back titles after winning the championship in 2019.

When Argentina faces off Brazil in one of the most awaited finals in living history, two of the best modern-day footballers, Lionel Messi and Neymar, will face off. It doesn’t get any louder for fans than seeing ex-Barcelona teammates face off in a major final. Both footballers have excelled as leaders of their respective countries but who has done it better?

When the South American powers meet in the Copa America 2021 final on Sunday, Neymar will undoubtedly be Lionel Messi’s and Argentina’s biggest threat. Messi has cautioned his teammates about Neymar before the highly anticipated match. Messi praised Neymar, pointing out what the Brazilian can accomplish on his own and urging his teammates to be aware of it.

Let’s Compare Neymar’s stats with Messi

Both players may be excellent friends off the field, but the atmosphere in this year’s finals will be entirely different as they strive to give their all for a chance at victory. Let’s take a look at the Neymar vs Messi numbers from the tournament so far, ahead of the tantalizing Argentina vs Brazil final. With 21 dribbles in four games at the Copa América 2021, PSG’s Neymar is the player with the most dribbles. So far in the tournament, he has 2goals and 2 assists, and he will want to add to that total in the final. Messi, on the other side, is behind the league in dribbles with 18 in four games. So far, the Barcelona star has 2 goals and 1 assist in five games, two of which have come from freekicks.

While Neymar and Messi are the keys to their respective teams’ success, Selecao’s history with both teams appears to be in their favor. Argentina against Brazil has been played 105 times, with Argentina winning 38 times and Brazil winning 41 times, according to FIFA. Both sides have a total of 26 draws between them. When it comes to goals scored, Argentina has 160 goals, whereas Brazil has 163.

Lionel Messi will be playing in his fourth Copa America final against Neymar, and he will be aiming to win his first championship with Argentina. Is this going to be his chance?

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