RiceGum Upset That Pokimane Was His Frenemy The Whole Time

Yo, is RiceGum still relevant today? Oh wait, I guess am supposed to write about it at this point, that’s reason enough. Where do I even start with this? I mean, internet drama is something that makes “us”, us. Here at 14AGAIN, this is a nice feature that I want to write about, and I hope you’re reading this because it is like regular hot decaf, except with cringe.

Ah yes, weird case of “He believed, she lied” meme coming into fruition. Streaming/Youtuber Bryan Quang “RiceGum” Le threw out a claim that Pokimane only stuck around to be his friend when she needed him for the spotlight. Only to ditch him soon as his reputation went a little, well, of him trying to be edgy.

“We Were A Thing”

A recent revelation came to be from a recent stream from RiceGum. When he heard Pokimane started deleting her old videos, he spoke out against her. Stating that she and him were friends around 2015, that they had small numbers and that they just started from humble beginnings. She would even lurk during streams, how cute. But even then, some things were pretty much amiss.

Pokimane and RiceGum were actively together in 2016, whereas Rice was using his platform to help Poki, getting her the fame and recognition she has right now. Things started of course falling apart when RiceGum was caught up in a clout against iDubbbz when he made a content cop on RiceGum. With the video titled on Jake Paul instead. From 2017, according to what RiceGum states. Pokimane started to distance herself from Rice.

Two Negatives Don’t Always Make A Positive

Both RiceGum and Pokimane has a number of controversies set around them. Whereas the former made terrible rape jokes and maintained a distasteful badboy image. The other one manipulated people, especially someone who was presumed to be her boyfriend, Fedmyster. Used them to get to her ends meet.

These two people should yeet off the face of the planet. That wouldn’t be so bad. Less of a terrible presence to worry about around the world. YouTube is taking a direction to stuff that’s more positive and does not want absolutely anything to do with these two. Which explains their relative obscurity these past few years. Nobody cares, RiceGum. Shut it where the sun don’t really shine. Though I’ll admit, you two probably deserved each other.

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Written by Excalibruh

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