Shakib Khan: Pori Moni Issue Has Shocked Me

Shakib Khan, a well-known actor, spoke out about Pori Moni’s arrest, which has been widely reported. “As far as I know as a coworker, Pori Moni grew up without her parents,” Shakib added. “In comparison to other people her age, she grew up in a very different way. Her difficulties have not been the same as those of others. Because she didn’t have a guardian, she may have made judgments that were not in her best interests.”

Pori Moni’s aged grandfather went to the courthouse on August 10 to pay her a visit, according to Shakib Khan. Later on, Even the threat of a coronavirus pandemic was unable to persuade him. But, my, what a terrible era we live in! He was denied the opportunity to meet his grandchild.

“I even heard her grandfather say that all her life, Pori Moni has selflessly devoted herself for others.”

– Shakib Khan

Shakib Khan’s thoughts

Because the case is still pending, Shakib declined to comment on the technicalities of the arrest, instead of expressing his hope that Pori Moni will be treated properly by an unbiased inquiry. Bangladesh Film Industry did not cooperate with her after her arrest, which was based entirely on accusations, and her membership temporarily suspended. “This association’s cruel treatment of an artist astounded and astounded me personally. The question now is, whose interests does the association represent? “Shakib Khan agrees. He also said that those who misled Pori Moni should also be brought under judgment.

On the other hand, why don’t we look into people who are living luxurious lives while abusing the title of “artiste” year after year without appearing in a single film?” Shakib Khan stated emphatically.

Pori Moni transported to the Kashimpur jail, and the actor expressed his concern, hoping that she would learn from her faults after this trauma.

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