Tahsan And Mithila Quit Evaly As Brand Ambassadors

Celebrities who had previously partnered with Evaly, even as recently as a few months ago, have begun to disassociate themselves from the business in the wake of the theft allegations. Resulting celebrities such as Tahsan and Mithila have officially stepped down as Brand Ambassadors for Evaly.

Tahsan and Mithila stepped down from their positions as CEO and Chairperson of the e-commerce site after the Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) arrested them on September 16. Evaly is being probed for defrauding tens of thousands of customers.

Tahsan Khan, a well-known musician, joined the company as a brand ambassador and “Chief Goodwill Officer” in March.

After Evaly’s CEO has got arrested the celebrities have finally come to their senses and told the press everything that they should’ve done way before.

Nonetheless, celebrities like Tahsan and Mithila collaborating with them is one of the big reasons why the mass crowd trusts the e-commerce website Evaly.


Will confessing this help the people to get their money back? Undoubtedly no. The ex-couple who partnered with them in March have quit long before? Wait what! Yes, it’s true. Tahsan and Mithila have quit their position way back in May.

When asked about not confessing it before, they claimed something different. Evaly has asked them not to disclose this information publicly.

But why didn’t they? The celebrities had the full right to disclose this before and let their audience know about it. But now as the CEO is now arrested, everything is changed. Confessing everything they had in their stomach.

Doing this now won’t change the scenario anymore. But they have thought to do so. Tahsan and Mithila have finally officially announced they’re quitting their role as brand ambassador in Evaly.

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