Tom Cruise’s BMW Stolen While Filming Mission Impossible

It appears that protecting Tom Cruise’s stolen BMW was a near-impossible task for his top security crew. While filming in Birmingham, Tom Cruise’s BMW X7 car was stolen. The actor is in town filming the seventh episode of the Mission: Impossible franchise. When the car was taken on Tuesday, it had thousands of pounds worth of items inside. As well as bags belonging to the Hollywood star and his crew. According to The Sun, the car, which had been used to transport about the celebrity, was parked on Church Street outside the Grand Hotel, where Cruise had been staying.

Smart Cars Require Smart Thieves

Tech-savvy criminals allegedly used a scanner to collect and clone the signal from the keyless car’s ignition fob. Tricking the car into believing the key was within range. The criminals stole the black car in minutes after intercepting the key signal when it was left outside the Grand Hotel, which is only a two-minute walk from police headquarters, according to sources. The car was discovered in the adjacent town of Smethwick. CCTV is being reviewed, and investigations are ongoing.

“I guarantee you, this isn’t photoshopped,” Birmingham Transport Police said with a photo of the masked movie actor and two policemen.

Tom Cruise

BMW Response To Tom Cruise’s Stolen Car

According to the Sun, BMW allegedly provided Cruise with an identical replacement of Tom Cruise’s stolen bmw X7 within hours of the theft. While Paramount Pictures failed to comment on the crime.

The police were able to recover the car because it was fitted with an electronic tracking device, according to the source. Mr. Cruise’s things, which were inside, were, however, taken and have yet to be recovered. The insider stated, “It’s a tremendous embarrassment for the security team. And the man who was driving it was hopping furious, but not as mad as Tom.”

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