Vicky Kaushal Pays A Secret Visit To Katrina Kaif’s House

Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, two Bollywood actresses, have been making news for a long time because of their reported romance. The alleged lovebirds have been seen together in several places, but the duo has been close about their relationship.

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According to sources in Indian media, the Raazi actor recently paid a visit to the Sooryavanshi actress’s home. Kaushal was observe in his white Mercedes GLC 220D, wearing his mask and gloves, coming up to Katrina Kaif’s suburban home. Kaushal was dressing casually with a sweater and tracksuit bottoms. The quarantine in India has relaxed after a severe lockdown, allowing residents to leave the house while taking all required measures. They spent the day together on Sunday. Vicky Kaushal’s neighbors have verified that he visits Katrina Kaif’s building and covers his face under his hoodie. The Indian Actress was also photographing at the premiere of Vicky Kaushal’s new film Bhoot-Part One: The Haunted Ship.

Vicky Kaushal About Katrina Kaif

Although it’s apparent that they hang out in the same circles, the fact that they’ve gone seen together on several times suggests they’re more than simply buddies. “I am not comfortable giving up my personal life for discussion,” Kaushal replied when questioned about the relationship allegations. It’s critical to me that I protect the positive things.”

Vicky Kaushal may not confess it out loud, but he is over heels in love with Katrina Kaif, Bollywood’s Barbie Girl. His photographs, on the other hand, say a lot. The Uri actor is frequently gather at Katrina Kaif’s home. Even when partying together, they were finally caught on video by the media. Vicky Kaushal’s T-shirt has also seen on Katrina several times.

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