What’s Donald Trump Upto These Days?

Don’t worry, Donald Trump doesn’t exist anymore. But, yet, he somehow does. Despite our post-republican president cope, Donald Trump isn’t leaving media coverage anytime soon. The former-president of the USA is now too busy saving face. With his recent scheme of being a big distraction for the current GOP party that have supported him last term. While still telling people the election was a sham and that the American people had been hoodwinked. Now why do I sound worried? Not like I lived in the US to know any better. Except that’s how successful Trump became my problem despite what I’ve mentioned.

It’s not like his party liked him, well not most of them anyway. Some deal with him as the blob nightmare, with a suit that hasn’t aged well since the 70s. Fading blonde hair which is balding. See that’s how easy it is to make fun of him. That part hasn’t aged well either. What’s that you say? Why yes he is fading to obscurity, with very little reach these days.

However, Donald Trump

Even with that being said, Trump is still holding to hope that he would induce giant migraines once again. Endorsing a new Georgia law which prevents voter fraud even though by construct, it was made to favor his agenda. Coca-Cola spoke against it and Trump spoke against them even though he was last spotted taking a refreshment from their bottled drinks.

A year of work, a proposal for creating a new monument for the US called “Garden of American Heroes”, was shutdown by Joe Biden as of recently. The monument was supposed to be like this theme park, filled with statues of presidents, US athletes, pop stars and so on. Like you couldn’t rinse off the tackiness off your mouth with a soap or detergent powder if you even tried.

No matter how you ignore him, he isn’t going away anytime. Though just remember, you can have the last laugh on this one. Because 90% of the stuff he does, is always in vain.

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Written by Excalibruh

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