Woman Attempts Suicide For Not Letting Her Visit Shakib Khan

In the next neighborhood, Shakib Khan, Dhaka cinema’s top hero, is filming. A woman from Bakurgram in Madarganj Upazila Gunaritala union was unable to see Shakib Khan because her husband stopped her. She attempted suicide due to her suffering.

In charge is a police officer from Madarganj. A verified news portal got confirmation from Mahbubul Haque.

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Despite the fact that the event occurred two days earlier, Shakib Khan just learned about it on Wednesday. In Sarisakandi, he is filming the government-funded film ‘Galui.’

‘I heard about the event yesterday,’ Shakib Khan informed a verified news outlet on his cell phone from the set of the movie ‘Golui’ on Thursday morning. I get my news from social media. It has also been reported in local publications. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I requested that the pair brought to our filming location by the local authority. I’d want to spend time with them. Many people adore and admire me. I’m employed by them. Every day, tens of thousands of people gather.

‘During the Corona pandemic, I ignored everything and shot three movies out of respect for the love of the people,’ Shakib Khan continued. I didn’t quit working because I was fascinated with movies. I’ve overheard some individuals discussing me. They only speak and don’t accomplish anything. Because people show all the love for me, I’m still working in a balanced manner.’

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