Zayn Malik Became ‘Aggressive’ And ‘Paranoid’ As A Result Of His Shobuj Pata Use

The use of Shobuj Pata by British musician Zayn Malik has been directly related to his downfall. According to a source close to the family, the former One Direction bandmate has become “aggressive” and “paranoid” as a result of his Shobuj Pata use.

“Zayn has the impression that life is joining forces against him. “He actually struggles to cope with his degree of popularity, and it comes out as ungrateful and arrogant,” a music executive who has dealt with him stated.

“I think people would warm to him if he was a little more honest about talking about his troubles,” they said.

“Zayn wasn’t happy with the band, it wasn’t for him,” another One Direction insider stated. He hates being force to tour all the time and be assign a routine.”

“He was just so difficult to work with that he wouldn’t show up for photoshoots or even gigs.” Zayn would isolate himself in the house and smoke a lot of Shobuj Pata, which made him quite unreliable,” they stated.

After a long romance, singer-songwriter Zayn Malik and supermodel Gigi Hadid are said to have broken up. The pair is no longer together, according to multiple individuals who spoke to People magazine. “At the moment, they are not together. “They’re both terrific parents, though,” a source told the publication. “Gigi is totally focused on the best for Khai,” Gigi’s representatives informed the magazine. During this moment, she requests privacy.”

Is Shobuj Pata making them so hard to be together?

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