3 Things The New Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Is Telling Us

It’s that time of the year, new Marvel leaks. Not just your any Marvel leak, no, this is a Spider-Man leak. We’ve already done a speculative think tank piece about the upcoming new movie. But this time, a leaked trailer came out. One that came a few days premature from its official launch on the internet.

The leaked trailer looked unfinished, unset and unpolished VFX shots, there’s a weird watermark in the middle, also, it’s recorded via phone. Like playing on a phone, then recording it with another phone. People are watching a video over their phones, of a phone that’s recording the video on a phone. Ok, am done with that. Needless to say, Sony is trying really hard to shut down the leaked Spider-Man videos that are uploaded to YouTube.

So here, we’re going to not throw just a speculative piece, but rather confirmations or things that we’re sure will come in the upcoming new Spider-Man film. Good stuff, some that even confirms our prior speculations.

Doctor Octopus Is Here, So Are Others

We have confirmation that Alfred Molina, who played the prior Dr Otto Octavius (Dr Octopus) in the Raimi trilogy Spider-Man films, will make a return here. Although, he does kind look a little different from before. Then there are others as well, like Green Goblin played by Dafoe, and Electro by Fox.

Jamie Fox could be playing somebody, however, as there hasn’t been any multiverse link established yet for him. Willem Dafoe and Alfred Molina however, yeah we’re definitely sure about them. Then there’s Sandman and, Lizardman as well. We didn’t see much of these last two, and the actors who’ll play their roles.

Multiverse Spider-Mans Are Happening

There’s no way this isn’t happening. It would be a huge missed opportunity if it did. Both the Spider-Mans before Tom Holland should make an appearance. This was called for when the early screenplay got leaked a few months ago, and it had segments where both Tobey Maguire and Alex Garfield’s Spider-Mans do show up, somewhere at the end of the film.

Also, this meme, would be a perfect comedic sequence. I am hoping this comes in the film.

More Multiverse Villains?

What’s a multiverse story without something really new to show for, right? Otherwise, that Loki bit about Kang The Conqueror coming back wouldn’t have meant anything for phase 4. Plus, a film for the sake of fan serving wouldn’t really actually hold up much if you think about.

We could actually get Venom, that Venom played by Tom Hardy, which is also getting a sequel real soon. Along with Morbius played by Jared Leto.

So this is pretty much what we think could be going on, also a day after the leak, Sony released the official. Though this one is at a lesser runtime and has cut information that came from the leaked trailer. This trailer confirms half of what we saw from the leak, and also it has the CGI all finished up.

Written by Excalibruh

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