365 Days Is Getting Sequels On Netflix

Ah yes, the glorified Craigslist misconnections ad that tried so hard to grab the fetish market established by Fifty Shades of Grey. But whereas Fifty Shades had a pretty somewhat solid build up to its premise. 365 Days is as cringe as watching Uwe Boll films. Actually him directing it would have made it far more interesting.

The film is a Polish-Italian joint project starring Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka. The overarching plot is that a mafioso played by Michele kidnaps a woman and runs a ploy to make her fall head over heels in love with him around 365 Days (or you know, a whole year).

And because of its success from more viewership, Netflix has decided to make more of these. Queue the vomit act. If weird fetish wasn’t good enough with cheap plot lines and terrible storytelling, then a movie about a girl who realizes she has Stockholm syndrome and no problem to embrace it should be right up your alley.

Why god, why with 365 Days

While 365 Days of course has several controversies set around it, mainly it being a bad kink flick. It has garnered so much success that the leading actors were only up-and-coming before the film skyrocketed their fame and fortunes. The actor of 365 Days gained up to 2.1m Instagram followers while the actress is getting more roles offered to her. The film’s controversies were mostly about it being hyper violent and sexually suggestive. By which, at this to be expected from a freaky movie.

Now, should you go and watch this movie as I write? I don’t know. Do you like having dry fish all the time? How’s that relevant? Well check out this next article about to Expose Bullies Soon

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R.I.P Kenta Miura

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