Actress Kangana Ranaut Gets Banned From Twitter

Actress Kangana Ranaut was caught in the cross-fires between Twitter mobs. This happened after her tweet about West Bengal caused a giant uproar. So loud that Twitter immediately decided to ban her account on the basis of repeatedly violating their rules. Mostly around their behavior conduct policies.

All the Actress, Kangana Ranaut, did was attempt to persuade Prime Minister Modi of India to pull one of his “Virat Roop” tactics from the early 2000s via Twitter. Which in regard pertains to a rather nasty history about post-poll voting incidents around the Bengal region.

That tweet has been dubbed as ‘death to democracy in India’. That also leaving a grunt of disdain towards her image. From the rest of the internet. The suspension of her account was considered a giant reprieve from the constant meandering and incessant shenanigans of her tweeting sprees.

Not only her, but Kangana’s sister, Rangoli Ranaut dragged herself into the situatio. She also pretty much got the banhammer from Twitter much like her sister. By comparison, her sister seemingly did a lot worse with the hate spread and fearmongering. Pretty blatantly even.

While this may be a close up of another Bollywood ‘oopsies’, we may never know when she could convince Twitter to return the account back to function. These things just ‘happen’, in India. Good thing the world is sane enough to scorn back.

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Written by Excalibruh

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