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BTS Straight Up Copied One Direction And Fans Aren’t Liking It

BTS, aka the Bangtan Boys have been catching some fire right now. And no, that isn’t record selling lingo. Apparently their newest release, “Permission to Dance”, sounds a lot similar to a few of One Direction’s earlier music.

Fans Turned Outrage Mob

Some of their fans (or BTS army as they like to call themselves) have raised concerns. Telling people from Twitter that the chord progressions, harmony, tune are all similar to songs like ‘Steal My Girl’ and ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. One could say, they went as far as taking samples from them.

Others critique that the song doesn’t offer much original, nor does it deviate from borrowed samples or the cliché high school vibe it’s trying to capture. But most importantly, sounding like a blatant rip-off of One Direction songs. Without much of variation to make it stand out. That’s not a very BTS thing to do now is it?

To sum it up, from the beginning, aspects of it sound similar to ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, to the end chorus which sounds like the closer to ‘Steal My Girl’. Hoo boy, this is basic plagiarism alright. The BTS stans are not taking this lightly at all.

A never-ending barrage of Tweets, criticizing them for borrowing samples without even trying different things with them. Worst is them insulting the fans, expecting them to think this song is too good to be plagiarized. That’s kind of a shock to me, since I only thought the fans had very little dignity or intelligence to compute such a thing. But oh well, stranger things have happened before.

BTS army, if you don’t know, are some of the most toxic fan groups out there. They’re capable of doing the most inhumane things to stop you talking trash about their favorite bands. Maybe this was karma, deservedly so.

Written by Excalibruh

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