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Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Hugs Each Other On Live TV

Yes, we’re gonna talk about the Mayweather vs Paul fight on Showtime pay-per-view. That happened just recently. It was as good as we expected. They both jabbed, even though the other one was punching worse than my dear Nani. Least he got snuggles.

Logan Paul as we know hasn’t been much in the eyes of the internet. Once considered the rising cringe lord for terrible prank videos and dramas catering to middle school kids. His rising stardom took his fame towards a big nosedive after an insensitive reaction to seeing a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest. Since then no apology videos could ever bring the Paul back.

So he decided to go for boxing instead. His first two fights with KSI, which were well, actual amateur hours left short of bout. But not long before he kept the rumor mill running that he was going to go up against Floyd Mayweather. Then it finally happened. He got his wish, dragging the undefeated champion out of retirement. Just to punch one more punk into submission. Needless to say, this was a sad fight. Depressing and weary. If you were looking for entertainment, it was only for the lack of humility and showmanship. The outcome was already predicted and in the end, it was always going to be the undefeated champ that was going to win. Which he pretty much did, yet again.

Memes And Memes

The only good that came out were the memes. Here’s a few we nabbed from the internet and Twitter.

It’s non-stop jabs from the internet itself on Logan Paul’s fight. Clear winner are both contenders since they got to walk away with easy sponsorship money. Also, free hugs. Free hugs.

0-1 And Still Going

Let’s face it. He dug a gold mine with this asinine, feathery pummeling streak of his. The boxing career now has only, truly began. The iCarly fight over a year ago, which was very much scripted and staged for recorded episode only, is much more enticing drama than this.

Seriously though, just go watch real boxing. Maybe even give MMA a shot, that has been growing in the industry as of late and has reached a higher peak status. More viewership and knee cracking than this literal snob could ever achieve.

We’re all here for the memes and the fun we had was very short. Before realizing that we wasted precious time on this guy. Not cool.

Written by Excalibruh

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