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Gintama Is Getting A Final Movie This Time

So Gintama never stopped being around, I thought it ended years back. I mean, I love me some comedy gold from Hideaki Sorachi himself. But I put the breaks on Gintama after watching it non-stop for days to no end. Life happened. Least of course till the pandemic came along, and now I am feeling blue for some Gintama again.

Eleven Arts has announced that they’ve acquired the license for Gintama’s absolutely final film. Aptly named Gintama The Very Final. The very first Gintama was adapted by Sunrise, they’ve worked on 3 seasons and 2 movies, up until Gintama moved to Bandai Namco Pictures.

Trio Returns

The long going Shōnen series is finally coming to end after years of being on TV. Whereas the source material from mangaka, Hideaki Sorachi pretty much made its end. The movie is finally catching up to it.

While there’s plenty of Gintama for newcomers. It’s a sad to realize one of the biggest comedy goal anime out there is meeting its end. For us oldtimers. Of course, there’s plenty of comedy out there now, but Gintama paved the way for satire like nobody else has. Then again, if you’ve missed Vlad Love which is Mamoru Oshi’s sh**posting marvel, then you’re missing out quite a bit. Like, what are you doing reading this? Go check that out.

Eleven Arts is working on a worldwide release, pretty soon this year. It was already released in Japan around January, so localization shouldn’t take very long. The following plot synopsis points goes like this: 1. Edo is in grave peril 2. Earth is doomed for extinction unless the Odd Jobs figure out a way to save the day 3. Gintoki, and his old pals including Takasugi, and Katsura are teaming up. The plot has something to do with their old master, Shoyo 4. Kagura and Shinpachi makes their return.

Obviously I can’t give away much, since there’s a lot of the narrative here at stake. It’s best that you catch up or if you have, wait for the movie and not to spoil all the good for anybody. Well, including me, since I stopped midway, I got some catching up to do.

Written by Excalibruh

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