Hero Alom Building A PC For Streaming Free Fire And PUBG

Ashraful Alom Saeed, best known as Hero Alom, is well known for his acting and music videos. He gained quite a fame by doing a cover song of “Zamil Arabic Song”. The music video got 10 million+ views on YouTube. Additionally, he is popular in India too. Indian YouTuber CarryMinati have posted multiple roast video about him. His main source of fame was online trolling and being the popular subject of meme.

Although, all these criticism never demotivated him. He always keep on trying and working on new things. However, there is something more that caught his interest. Hero Alom now wants to start streaming some games. He wants to be widely known in the gaming industry as well!

Gaming Industry in Bangladesh

Recently, mobile gaming has became a big thing in Bangladesh. It is growing rapidly. Teenager’s are more into mobile games such as Free Fire and PUBG. These games are commonly found in their phones. Although, these games are free to play. But you sometimes need money to buy cool skins to show off to your friends. The craze of these games are such that little kids are chanting “Games khelte hole onk taka lage!”.

A video went viral on Facebook of Hero Alom building a PC. However, the main question was what type of games he wanted to play? The shopkeeper who was helping him build his PC asked him about this. He first started to say his PC’s configuration. Undoubtedly, he got one of the best processors for gaming which is Ryzen 5 3400G by AMD.

But now let us come to the question about what games will Hero Alom be playing? The shopkeeper asked him this. Hero Alom replied with a slight smile on his face. “Free Fire r PUBG game ti khelbo”.

Well that’s that. He surely is going to be on top and be the next streamer of Bangladesh. To all of the streamers in Bangladesh. Watch out! Because he is soon going to give you a tough competition.

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