Invincible- A spoiler free review

Marvel and DC comics have basically become a homegrown name at this point. However, we have seen rise to tv series or animated movies from comic books which do not belong to either companies emerge. There was The Boys at first which really gave us a nice look into corrupted superheroes. Now, we are introduced to Robert Kirkman’s Invincible, a comic book series that started in 2003. Let’s dive into a spoiler free introduction to this show and see if stands up to standards.


The show centers on our hero Mark Grayson who is the son of a superhero. Mark who grew up his whole life looking up to his father only dreamt of getting his own powers. He eventually achieves this and dons the name invincible. Mark tries to balance his both lives as he realizes that none of them are easy. While this goes on we see that there are various forces at play which will only test our young hero. After all, the people we see may not be who they are.

The story:

Invincible plays into a lot of stereotypes from various comic books we have seen so far. It does not pretend to hide this inspiration and it treats it very nonchalantly. This is one of the things that is most interesting about the show. It doesn’t build on preexisting ideas but tries to branch out and make its own thing. It’s not all superheroes fighting to save the day but a very neat look into the human aspect behind it. We see our main character struggling to go through his dual life and he is clearly affected by it. This helps us the viewer’s really empathize with him. This very empathy is what makes the hero invincible to be a very lovable character as his naivety makes him endearing. This leads to some very interesting emotional scenes which make for great moments. The various twists and turns are slowly revealed while at the same time heavily hinted, keeping the viewers on their feet at all times. All in all the show ended in a good and timely manner which makes us look forward to the next two seasons which have been announced.
I think it’s about time that more comic book adaptations are coming to life other than the two we are familiar with. This gives us insight into more unique ideas than the mainstream commonness we are fed. Invincible is a charming show with the right amount of drama, action and heartbreak we could hope for. I simply cannot wait to see where the show goes from here on out.


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