Live Action Spiderverse Is Real And It’s Coming. Spoiler Read!

The upcoming Spider-Man movie is the talk of the town. But not for the reasons you’d usually think. Yes, rumor mills large as the Great Pacific garbage patch has been floating around like crazy and super active since the start of this year. No one knows yet whether the film is coming this year or not, one thing for sure, Sony and Marvel got something up their sleeves. Because the leaks are here. It’s dataleak season, people. Spoiler warning by the way.

A Merry Leak Season for Spider-Man?

Loki came out a while ago and showed that the multiverse is real. That there are endless possibilities of storytelling that Marvel could do. With the new Spider-Man movie on the way, the leaks shows that all the rumors have been true.

That all the major villains of the prior Spider-Man movies and the other Spider-Mans are finally present in this Peter Parker’s universe. The main conflict revolves around the Stark Arc Reactor, of which most of the major villains wants in possession of power.

The other Peter Parkers, played by Maguire and Garfield show up around 2nd act. The Statue of Liberty gets replaced by a giant Captain America with a Shield statue. All of this happens right after Doctor Strange contacts Peter, stating that the multiverse is having distortions.

Goblin makes special appearances and does something tragic that affects this universe’s Peter. Yes, the Willem Dafoe Goblin. Strangely though, the next part is Peter finishing high school with next to nothing about what happened earlier, who died, and no mention of the other Spideys.

The Waiting Game

This feels like a weird hodgepodge of sorts. Could be a bad draft that is getting its fix. Spider-Man: No Way Home could make or break it. But anyways, far as Wikipedia goes. The only confirmation gotten is that Alfred Molina’s character, Dr. Octavius is making a return from the other Spider-Man films.

For now, nothing is sure until of course Loki finished. As the multiverse story branch is finally opening up. I guess time will tell. Maybe once Loki finally ends, that is. This is Marvel paving the way for phase 4.

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Written by Excalibruh

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