Loki Season Finale’s Big Setup For Season 2 And MCU

So I just happened to catch up with all the episodes of season 1. Is my mind blown yet? Well, no, but it was sort of close. The cliffhanger ending kind of left me feeling hung up on what’s going on. After all that we’ve seen from Loki in his own TV show, I just wanted him to have a proper resolution, or did he get it? Also, Spoiler Warning for what you’re about to read.

Never Rely On Tricksters

Despite the affections they’ve had for each other, one was reasonable enough to believe things could only get worse from there. Though, the other was bent on vengeance. Thus proves the duality of all Lokis out there. But female Loki here have unleashed something terrifying to the world.

After Loki was sent back to the TVA, he finds himself in a doom and gloom situation. But what got confusing is when he told Mobius about all of this, Mobius was confused as he didn’t recognize Loki. Then the camera pans to He Who Remains statue. That’s where the show pretty much ends. This indicates that Loki is probably sent off to an alternative version of the TVA. Season 2 is coming, but the ending also hints to what might show up in the MCU as well.

New Evil Incarnate

Statue of He Who Remains, setup for season 2

If you haven’t noticed the looming threat that’s coming, you’re about to see some crazy stuff happening soon. First off, the cliffhanger ending despite not leaving much of a closure for both Lokis, it has left a lot to notice. For both upcoming season and the next MCU films. The upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the third movie will bring back He Who Remains actor to play Kang The Conqueror. According to Marvel lore, He Who Remains has his alternative universe versions like Immortus, Kang The Conqueror, Rama-Tut, and his original self, Nathaniel Richards.

While nothing much else is assured about season 2, because we only got hint of Kang coming in season 2. We’re not even sure if it’ll be somebody else besides the one mentioned just now. He has many reincarnations across various universes. The next Doctor Strange film, that’s on the way, might explain more of the multiverse logic with Scarlet Witch.

Kang is a far more deadly and fearsome villain than Thanos was. We’re talking about a guy who can get as much Infinity Stones as he wants. Someone who has control over the galaxy. Phase 4 is sure taking the bigger picture of Marvel’s multiverse plan, further than we could grasp. Even with our extended knowledge of Marvel’s universe.

Written by Excalibruh

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