Marvel’s Eternals Teaser Reveals And Raises Questions

The MCU is still strong, even in Covid-19 pandemic. As Marvel’s road map is finally catching up with its newly releases. We get to see a peak into what Eternals will be about. Of course, this looks to be more of a reveal trailer than a Teaser. It certainly sets a number of things coming for the MCU.

First out of the way, we get to see the cast in their entirety within the first few seconds. The film will start Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, Kumail Ninjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, and Kit Harrington. While being helmed by vetern director, Chloe Zhao. Who won her oscar as best director for last year’s Nomadland.

Questions and Theories

While most of the main cast will be playing as Celestials, one guy stands out from all of them and that is John Snow actor, Harrington. From the IMDB listing, it states that he will be playing Dan Whitman. An important character for the Marvel Universe as he goes to a transition of becoming the Black Knight. This role could only extend to this film or its Marvel trying to get another superhero off into its film roster or Disney+ TV series.

Lots of footages goes back and forth between the celestials teaching humans about civilization, creating the first major city in Egypt to enjoying life on Earth. While it also shows the celestials living around different timelines in different countries before modern day. The opposing forces haven’t been fully revealed but it goes to show that maybe they’re the reason why the Eternals came back, even after Endgame’s event.

If you’re familiar with the Eternals comic series, then it’s obvious that their enemies will be their chaotic counterparts, called The Deviants. The storyline could mostly follow the graphic novel series that Neil Gaiman wrote and John Romita sr illustrated. As quickly noted from the restocking of their earlier runs last year.

It seems clear that Marvel isn’t stopping even with Covid-19 removing butts on the seat. This will be released for both Disney+ and theatres. Ramin Djiwadi returns to compose for another Marvel film after his first work with the first Avenger film, Iron Man in 2008.

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Written by Excalibruh

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