Matrix 4 Movie New CinemaCon Trailer Details Are Out

CinemaCon happened in Las Vegas a few days ago, you know what else happened? The reveal trailer for Matrix 4. A private showcase of the trailer, only for journalists, revealed a number of things. That this is a continuation story of The Matrix trilogy. The Matrix 4 or, as they officially would call it, The Matrix Resurrection. There’s a lot going on, some of the characters you know return, but there’s quite a few that has changed.

Namely, Morpheus, who is now his much younger self, will be played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Instead of Laurence Fishburne. Who will not reprise his role. From the trailer, the protagonist, Neo is now addressed as Thomas, and was speaking to his therapist about having odd dreams. The usual mysticism that is familiar with the Matrix series, is all there. Young Morpheus offers Thomas either the “blue pill or the red pill”.

Scenes that evoke the same scenario and feeling from the original film, but the location is different. As it reportedly looks like San Francisco. A lot of jump cuts about helicopters shooting, people flying, and getting plugged/unplugged.

Also, Neo fights Morpheus again in the dojo, only this time he uses his powers to the full extent. Like the ones he had in the 2nd film, by destroying the dojo almost entirely.

A Matrix Film For Nostalgia?

So many of what was shown seem very familiar with the early films, but there are the ones that are different, that denotes that much complex themes will be placed. What was showcase, had to be only about the first act before the film takes a different direction.

The Matrix Resurrection, With Keanu Reeves

The Matrix Resurrection is slated for somewhere this year, in December. We’re only 4 months way from that time, the fact they haven’t revealed it to us yet, shows that they’re not entirely sure about premiering the film this soon. But alas, there’s already various speculations out there and the trailer did a good job revealing what kind of story it’s going to tell. How it’ll establish its connection to the prior films, of which I am hoping Lana Wachowski will take to a new direction as well. Since her sister isn’t involved as well.

Update: New reveal trailer is finally out, this looks pretty neat

Written by Excalibruh

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