Michael Keaton Set To Return As Batman

Ah yes, time for the black spandex galore dark knight to rise again for an alternative world story. Though this is a more seasoned Bruce Wayne as the story will be having some Batman Beyond stuff going on. He’s going to show up in the upcoming Flash movie. As far as we know.

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Now, this story is based on some set photos. You can definitely tell Michael Keaton on the spotlight, looking like he does now yet maintaining the aura and suave that his earlier 1989 role had. The movie will star Ezra Miller from his prior Justice League role, with a solo film with supporting cast Sasha Calle, Ben Affleck, and Michael Keaton. Confirmed.

Batman Flashpoint Paradox?

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The storyline will follow the Flashpoint Paradox comics series. Though it seems this adaptation is mostly loose. As some aspects of it will have changes based on what the screenwriters could come up with. Hope they don’t ruin it and blame Michael Keaton.

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The existence of DC’s Multiverse seems to be in full throttle here. With Calle playing a dark haired Supergirl. The synopsis so far says that Barry going back in time to save his mother had dire consequences on time continuity, basically forming in some ways the Multiverse.

When Will It Drop?

The film is slated to drop somewhere in 2022. At first, it was slated for June 2022, but was delayed to November 2022. The screenplay is being helmed by Christina Hodson. Her last work was Birds of Prey. Directed by Andy Muschietti, who did It and It: Chapter Two.

Also we have our first look from the upcoming Shazam sequel “Shazam-Fury Of The Gods”, where we are mostly likely to see the returning characters from the previous movie.

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Grace Fulton will play Mary’s super alter-ego as well as the civilian self in ‘Shazam! 2,’ confirms David F. Sandberg. Her hairstyle and makeup are slightly different when she’s super so nobody will ever recognize her similarly to that they did to Wonder Woman.

Well Shazam was a funny movie what do you expect for the sequel? Are you excited to see what is in store from the DCEU? As excited we are, we really appreciate the cast members for putting on too much effort with the critical studios.

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