Movierulz Torrent Site Is Now The Next Big Piracy Movement

Once upon a time, the golden age of internet piracy ruled during the early to mid 2000s. What started from Napster, became Limewire to now being Spotify. The same regard has been held for movie downloading sites. All of it started since the introduction to P2P file sharing services. Sites like, Piratebay,, are largely visited within the Torrent scene.

This was all of course before the massive crackdowns in the mid 2010s, SOPA act, which died later on and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act created fearmongering among the piraters. Because of this, most of the early piracy activities were quelled. There are, however, still areas where piracy lingers, considering now its light is dimmed. India, on the other hand now, got something big brewing.

Piracy Jaaree Hai

Enter Movierulz, a new piracy domain that torrents out newly released films as well as an increasing library of other Hindi films. They also have Dallywood, Tamil, Hollywood, Russian, and some other language films. But most primarily Indian films.

India has already enacted a copyright act to combat piracy, even put extra enforcement to it. I mean, buying films in India isn’t an expensive luxury to afford, but people don’t always have cash around to purchase. Movierulz has been the new go-to free downloading site for this year. It isn’t that India haven’t noticed them, they just couldn’t shut them down.

Pirate torrenting sites aren’t easy to close down, thanks to new proxy technologies that hide their original IP addresses. Still doesn’t mean they are impervious from the law. In due time, the site Movierulz will be widespread within South East Asia. All thanks to the reach they’ve been getting as of late.

While we love to pirate stuff, we must remember that these are creative intellectual properties that took a lot of money to make. Thus, supporting the artist is really important. Unless they made you mad for some reasons.

Written by Excalibruh

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