Netflix Wants In On Making Video Games

Netflix is THE biggest streaming giant in the world. Available across a lot of countries by now, with so many distinctive shows of each country and locales. Having over 200 million subscribers already. They’re such a ubiquitous service, they could do almost anything they want, to this point. Even experiment more with interactive entertainment.

No, am not talking the interactive shows or films out there. Right now, they actually want in on the gaming business. They have already hired a former EA and Oculus executive as vice president to lead development teams.

Another Player In The Market

netflix video games service

Netflix isn’t the only company that has no prior experience working on games. Google and Amazon are currently trying hard, with Amazon failing, and Google’s streaming service, Stadia, still having a lot to catch up on. Netflix might take a long time to reach the pedigree that studios like 2K, Bethesda, Bandai Namco, Activision, etc are at.

Of course, they have money, the issue is whether they can differentiate between mobile trash and actual AAA quality games. No one knows if this is a part of their streaming service, or they just want to get in as publishers. The latter part could work, depending how they pull off contracts on third party devs.

They could actually pull this off, considering the shows they make based on video game licenses. With those ties, enough resources and talents could be gathered to make serious bangers. A lot of food for thought, since nothing substantial has been revealed as of now. Just in its early phase, going to have to wait for more details till Netflix reveals them. And reveal they might as they’ve stated that 2022 is when they’ll showcase their games.

Written by Excalibruh

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