No More Foreign Channels In your TV Anymore

In accordance with the government’s clean feed policy, cable operators in Bangladesh have stopped broadcasting foreign channels.

As per media sources, Cable Operators Association of Bangladesh (COAB) Founding President SM Anwar Parvez said, “Many are believing that the cable operators have stopped airing particular channels for some reason. But it’s actually due to a government decision.”

Is It Temporary?

Later on, he went on to say that foreign stations can no longer broadcast advertisements in Bangladesh. And that this will stand until the government issues additional instruction.

Hasan Mahmud, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, stated on September 2 that foreign networks without a clean feed policy will not allow to air in the country after September 30.

Otherwise, the minister warned of not upholding the rules. Claiming that cable providers in Bangladesh frequently showed foreign channels with ads, which was against the law.

Foreign channels must streamline content according to the region under the clean feed principle. This means they must not show ads intended for their region in other regions.

Commercials created by Indian channels, for example, will not be allow to be aired in Bangladesh if Indian TV channels are to be broadcast there.

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