References And Easter Eggs Found in Loki

So today, Loki just dropped in Disney+. The new titular show holds nothing back when it comes to amazing writing that Marvel had been offering since Wandavision, and Falcon And The Winter Soldier. In fact, it’s quite a mind trip of a first episode with so much to give. Let’s take a look at all the interesting references, connections to other Marvel Universes, new introductions to the MCU, and some neatly presented with a bow string Easter eggs.

Loki, AKA DB Cooper

So in the Marvel Universe, Loki decided to play around with history a bit, and basically hijack the Boeing 727 in 1971. He’s now the MCU’s version of DB Cooper. The unknown hijacker who’ve stolen the plane, took the money, jumped off with parachute, and disappeared off the radar. Literally.

Loki’s reason for doing this? Well, he lost a bet to Thor, it was never fully explained what bet. But that’s kind of another teaseful mystery that Loki maintains.

Peggy Carter In Loki

So Peggy Carter just comes out, being escorted by a TVA (Time Variance Authority) officer after exiting a portal to TVA HQ. This begs a lot of questions, in connection to this new change in the MCU lore.

We already know that the multiverse exists, could this be that there’s another Peggy Carter that’s out there making real changes apart from all the other Peggy Carters?

Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene

So uh, that scene where the Avengers traveled through time to the point where they defeated Loki to retrieve the Tesseract. First 20 seconds in, and something’s different.

Turns out, they used the deleted footage in the episode instead. Which was a funny addition, to the humor, of course.

The Multi-Verse Is Pretty Real

Oh yeah, it’s real alright. I mean, they’ve been hinting this from Spider-Man: Far From Home, but even then, nothing was concrete. Now, the revelation that there are multiple Lokis, reveal that different realities of the same people exist. Plus there’s that new show coming called “What If” which switches up all the character’s supposed destinies. This is where phase 4 really sets the bar.

There you have. All the stuff episode 1 has shown us so far. And, they’ll keep coming. Time to follow the episodic schedule. Tune in for more later on.

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Written by Excalibruh

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