Pori Moni Signs Up For First Film After Returning From Jail

Pori Moni, the controversial film star, has signed on to direct Gias Uddin Selim’s web film “Gunin” after much rumor. Since Nusrat Faria was unable to complete the film due to a scheduling conflict, there has been speculation that Pori Moni will join it. Nusrat Faria had previously taken the name of the cast in the film as the character Rabeya. Nusrat, however, was unable to continue working on the film due to a scheduling conflict.

Despite the fact that rumors about Pori’s involvement in the film had circulating, the official contract has been sign on Friday evening in a restaurant in the capital.

“This is the first film, Gunin, I’ve signed since I got out of jail,” Pori Moni said over the phone. “The director and I have talked about the script and my character. The story has touched my heart .” She’s really looking forward to this and hopes to remove all the burden that she is carrying back after all this controversy.

The story is set 50 years ago in a rural setting. Nusrat Faria was actually suppose to play the lead in the film at first. Pori Moni had previously received praise for her performance in “Swapnajaal,” a film directed by Gias Uddin Selim.

The film’s production is set to begin on October 10th. ‘Gunin’ is based on a short story by Hasan Azizul Haque, a well-known writer. On the OTT platform ‘Chorki,’ the feature film will finally release. Pori Moni has previously appeared in Giasuddin Selim’s ‘SwapnaJaal’ and the web series ‘Preeti.’

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